Boosting Keystone Interactive's Lead Conversions by Addressing SMS Deliverability Challenges


Keystone Interactive specializes in generating real-time insurance leads for clients. Their business relies heavily on live transfers and quality data to ensure successful conversions. However, they faced a significant challenge in effectively reaching their target audience due to SMS deliverability challenges with some of their contact numbers. To address these pain points, Keystone sought to leverage Phone Validation API.

The Challenge

Keystone Interactive’s SMS campaigns were hindered by the inability to identify SMS-compatible numbers reliably. This obstacle not only impeded their ability to reach their target audience but also resulted in compliance issues with their carriers, increased costs, and decreased campaign effectiveness. Recognizing this challenge, Keystone sought assistance in identifying SMS-compatible numbers before sending messages. Their goal was to streamline processes, improve targeting accuracy, and ultimately increase conversions for their clients.

The Solution

Keystone implemented Phone Validation API, enabling them to assess the phone’s validity and line type of each lead. By integrating this solution into their existing systems, Keystone Interactive gained the capability to preemptively identify SMS-compatible numbers by identifying the line type. This functionality ensured that their campaigns reached the intended recipients effectively.

The Impact

Integrating Phone Validation API yielded great improvements in Keystone’s campaigns by exclusively targeting leads with SMS compatibility. After sending tens of thousands of SMS messages, they increased their message deliverability from 90% to 94%. Because they reduced the amount of undeliverable SMS messages, it mitigated compliance risks, reduced operational costs, and ultimately enhanced campaign performance. As a result, Keystone Interactive has achieved greater ROI for their clients while reinforcing their position as a leading provider of insurance leads.

About Trestle

Trestle provides industry-leading phone data APIs to improve lead management and call operations for businesses. Trestle’s product suite is powered by a cutting-edge identity data graph built on top of modern, scalable technology and machine learning capabilities that have yielded the best-in-class coverage and accuracy. This, along with a network built on top of 300MM+ queries every month, enables Trestle to serve with a differentiated product suite that businesses rely on for various use cases, including caller identification, call routing, lead assessment, and prioritization.