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Our identity data APIs play a crucial role in enhancing call operations by providing access to accurate and relevant information about callers. Our APIs can help personalize interactions, streamline processes, and improve overall customer experience.

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Benefits of Using Trestle for Call Operations

Increased Call Efficiency

Ensure that calls are directed to valid phone numbers, minimizing wasted time and resources on unsuccessful calls.

Enhanced Caller Experience

Reduce the frustration of callers by minimizing instances of failed or dropped calls due to incorrect or invalid phone numbers.

Improved Call Routing

Identify incoming callers and route calls to the appropriate departments or agents based on caller demographics or location.

SMS Delivery

Maintain SMS delivery standards for messaging campaigns by only contacting connected phone numbers.

Enhanced Call Analytics

Gain insights into caller demographics and behavior to inform strategic decision-making and improve call operations.


Ensure compliance with TCPA and other regulations by knowing the phone type and location to ensure calls are within the allowable time windows. Also, ensure right party contact by removing old leads where the phone has been ported and prior consent is invalidated.

Cost Savings

Reduce costs associated with unsuccessful calls, such as wasted call minutes and labor hours, by verifying phone numbers before dialing, and minimize the risk of incurring fees for violating regulations or contacting invalid or unauthorized phone numbers.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Utilize caller identification data to personalize interactions with callers, providing a more tailored and engaging experience.

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