Call Operations

Our identity data APIs play a crucial role in enhancing call operations by providing access to accurate and relevant information about callers. Our APIs can help personalize interactions, streamline processes, and improve overall customer experience.

Inbound Call Operations Use Cases

Caller Identification

Quickly retrieve caller information via screen pops such as name, contact details, and any relevant historical interactions from your customer database. This enables agents to greet callers by name, access their account details promptly, and provide a personalized service.

CRM Integration

Enable seamless integration between customer relationship management (CRM) systems and inbound call operations. Call center agents can access customer profiles and interactions in real-time, enhancing the quality of customer service.

Call Routing and Prioritization

Intelligently route and prioritize incoming calls based on criteria such as phone metadata or caller’s demographic and location details.

Data Enrichment

Fetch additional customer data during calls, providing agents with valuable context to enhance the customer interaction.

Analytics and Reporting

Auto-fill forms that reduce onboarding time, ensure data accuracy, and improve the customer experience.

Outbound Call Operations Use Cases

Lead Filtering and Prioritization

Filter out bad leads including disconnected numbers and stale leads. Prioritize the most contactable leads based on the grading provided to increase conversions and improve team morale.

Lead Enrichment

Fetch additional data about leads to enrich the contact information with insights like phone metadata, demographics and more, enabling agents to access up-to-date customer information.


Ensure compliance with TCPA and other regulations by knowing the phone type and location to ensure calls are within the allowable time windows. Also, ensure right party contact by removing old leads where the phone has been ported and prior consent is invalidated.

Reputation Management

Ensure number reputation by not calling disconnected numbers and improving live answer rate, thus not being marked as spam.

Products for Call Operations

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