CNAM Explained: How to Choose the Right Provider for Your Business

Choosing the right CNAM (Caller ID Name) provider for your business is a critical decision. CNAM is a feature that enables the display of the calling party’s name on the recipient’s phone. It helps businesses to build trust with their customers, increase answer rates, and improve business operations. However, not all CNAM providers are created equal. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right CNAM provider for your business. – And if CNAM isn’t right for you and your business, we have Reverse Phone API that can give a wealth of phone-related information. 

Coverage Area

One of the essential factors to consider when choosing a CNAM provider is coverage. You want to ensure that the provider can offer coverage in all the areas you operate and with all the required carriers. Some CNAM providers may have limited coverage in some regions or specialize with a specific carrier, which may negatively impact your business. Therefore, it’s important to choose a provider that can offer comprehensive coverage.

Trestle’s Caller Identification API: We have coverage in the U.S. and Canada with 90% name coverage (percentage of times we will have a name for a phone number queried), and 87% address coverage (percentage of times we will have an address for a phone number queried).

Accuracy and Reliability

CNAM information should be accurate and reliable. This means that the information retrieved by your system should match the caller’s name. Inaccurate or outdated information can cause confusion and erode trust between you and your customers. Therefore, you should choose a CNAM provider that has a track record of providing accurate and reliable information.

Trestle’s Caller Identification API: Our accuracy is at 93%, meaning this is the percentage that we have the right name associated with the phone number. Being able to know more about your callers with accurate data, including demographics, phone number metadata, and physical address unlock a host of new use cases.

Integration with Your Phone System

The CNAM provider you choose should be compatible with your phone system. Some providers may require additional hardware or software to integrate with your phone system, which can be costly and time-consuming. Therefore, it’s important to choose a provider that offers seamless integration with your phone system. 

Trestle’s Phone Lookup APIs: Our APIs are built on modern RestFUL APIs, making them easy to work with. Depending on the source, latency for CNAM services can be an issue, as real-time CNAM takes more than 1 second on average. Trestle’s dataset is built with speed top of mind, so that the data can be delivered for any real-time implementation. 

Customer Support

Technical issues can occur, and it’s essential to have reliable customer support to address any concerns or issues that may arise. The CNAM provider you choose should have a responsive and knowledgeable customer support team that can assist you in case of any technical difficulties. 

Trestle’s Team: Our first core value is “Customer First”, so we are dedicated to providing the best service and product to our customers. Our customers’ needs guide our business, and being responsible and accessible to them is what we strive for.

In conclusion, choosing the right CNAM provider for your business is critical to ensure accurate and reliable information is incorporated in your telephone systems. By considering the factors mentioned above, you can find a provider that offers comprehensive coverage, accurate information, reliable customer support, and seamless integration with your phone system with CNAM, as well as our Caller Identification API

If you have any questions about our phone lookup APIs, please feel free to contact us to discuss.