Conversion Tracking Drives Referral Commission Growth for Nursing Home Provider


A national aggregator for senior living facilities wanted to ensure that it is receiving accurate information about all the “conversions” happening through leads generated on its platform. Trestle’s Find Person API allows this customer to track all the conversions happening offline based on change of address and then appropriately collecting the referral fees from these senior living facilities.

The Challenge

Our customer is a national aggregator of senior living and home care facilities that simplifies the process of finding the right care facility based on needs, budget, and timing for the consumers. The ideal scenario for this customer consists of someone searching for a senior living facility or home care on their platform, being redirected to a specific facility, and then if the person moves to the facility, our customer gets the commission from this sale (i.e., conversion).

However, the reality is quite different. The facility does not have robust processes to inform our customer about the conversion based on their referral or redirect. At times, the time interval between the initial search and the actual decision to move into a senior living facility can take months, resulting in the breakdown of the customer journey tracking and conversions. This imperfect online-to-offline sales tracking resulted in significant delays in revenue recognition for our customer and lost conversions since the information did not flow through.

The Solution

While deep diving into this issue and possible solutions, one of their analysts found Trestle. The idea was to use Find Person API to find the latest current address of every person that has signed up on their platform and see if the address is different from the one the person used to sign up. If the changed address matched with one of the senior living facilities within their network and if there was a redirect history to this facility, it was a clear conversion being driven by our customer. 

The Impact

The results of using Find Person API far exceeded expectations. In the initial run, the analyst found thousands of conversions based on the address change that they had not accounted for. This was a batch run for leads accumulated over months, but the ROI was so high that overnight the customer decided to introduce Trestle’s Find Person API for all their leads. The customer now runs monthly batches of all their non-converted leads that accumulate and also all the leads received in the previous month. This allows the customer to follow up proactively on the conversions and recognize revenues immediately rather than having to wait for the facility to tally things up and report it.

“The monthly Trestle batch run is a critical part of our business operations and revenue recognition at the earliest. We also appreciated Trestle’s willingness to work with us to time these runs so that we get the most up-to-date information of address moves so that our sales teams can then follow up and get the conversions confirmed with our partners.”

About Trestle

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