Data for AI

Leverage the data needed to differentiate and fine-tune your AI models that solve business problems. From intelligent chatbots to lead verification and prioritization based on consumer preferences to identity verification to stop fraud and abuse; enhance your models using the best-in-class person and business data assets.

Intelligent Chat and Call Center Bots

Leverage identity datasets to know who is engaging with your chatbots or automated call center agents, helping to accelerate engagement and data entry into the CRM systems.

Lead Verification and Prioritization

Validate and prioritize leads using the latest AI and machine learning models powered by identity datasets and network activity that can accurately help predict the contactability of the leads and prioritize them for maximizing ROI.

Identity Verification

Verify sign-ups to confirm they are real people and who they say they are. Use authoritative data and behavior across a vast network of inbound and outbound call patterns to detect anomalies and reduce friction for legitimate customers.

Products for AI Data