Enhancing Conversions and Efficiency for a Leading Call Center Service Provider


A national call center for multiple internet and wireless providers across the U.S. wanted to route the calls to appropriate sales teams managing specific providers in each region across the country. Trestle’s Reverse Phone API provided an accurate subscriber zip code for each incoming call so that the call center platform recognized where the call was coming from and routed it accordingly.

The Challenge

Our customer is a performance marketing company with a 100% U.S.-based acquisition call center. They have a proven track record of scaling world-renowned brands, including the largest internet, wireless, video, and security providers with best-in-class sales capabilities and real-time performance tracking.

Since this customer supported various internet and wireless brands across the U.S., they wanted to know which one of their generic ads was driving the incoming call and how various plans performed in each region. This helped them determine which one of their sales teams should be handling the call since these teams were trained for specific products/providers that were all local and region-based. Take, for example, a team of trained agents serving a wireless provider in Seattle, WA. This team would be different from another team that was local to a provider in Nashville, TN, and provided coverage only in that area.

Relying on the caller ID number and the area code to determine the geographic location (i.e., NPA-NXX based location) was not working because over 30% of the calls were from a different city and state than the NPA-NXX location due to number porting. This resulted in an awkward sales conversation since the agent had to first understand where the caller was actually calling from, determine which provider services that area, and then finally route the call appropriately. This resulted in many missed conversions and, of course, longer call handling times.

The Solution

After evaluating various solutions, the customer decided to implement Trestle’s Reverse Phone API to determine the location of the inbound caller. The customer immediately saw that Trestle’s full address coverage was superior at 87%, with also very high accuracy based on comparing our data to the ultimate billing information.

They built a simple algorithm using Reverse Phone API by taking the zip code of the phone subscriber’s address. They then routed the calls to appropriate sales teams based on their internal logic, which considered the wireless provider availability in that region. The coverage, accuracy, and simplicity of Reverse Phone API gave them the confidence to immediately execute the solution and roll it out to more than 400 call center agents.

The Impact

Zip code routing is now done pre-call for every first party lead this customer generates. This has become an integral part of their process and allowed them to create a geographically oriented contact center, which unlocks tremendous business value through improved conversion rates, decreased handling times, and improved agent and customer experience.

About Trestle

Trestle provides industry-leading phone data APIs to improve lead management and call operations for businesses. Trestle’s product suite is powered by a cutting-edge identity data graph built on top of modern, scalable technology and machine learning capabilities that have yielded the best-in-class coverage and accuracy. This, along with a network built on top of 300MM+ queries every month, enables Trestle to serve with a differentiated product suite that businesses rely on for various use cases, including caller identification, call routing, lead assessment, and prioritization.