Enhancing Marketing Strategies with Layered Lead Validation Funnels and Identity Data APIs


A global marketing agency wanted to reduce the amount of returned leads and improve conversion rates from the landing page to sign-ups. They first started with Phone Validation API to help identify disconnected phone numbers to reduce leads returned by their clients. They then started using Reverse Phone API with Name Hint allowing them to fill in the address, thus improving sign-up rates significantly.

The Challenge

The customer is a global data-driven marketing platform. Serving hundreds of clients globally, the customer is constantly focused on improving their clients’ lead funnels and conversion rates. 

The initial focus for the customer was to reduce the leads’ return rate with the generic disposition, “Bad Number”. The customer found it very difficult to weed out whether it was a bad number due to an invalid/disconnected phone, or just because the sale didn’t happen for various reasons and the lead was being returned. This now meant more work for the customer to verify these returned leads before they are accepted back.

In addition to weeding out bad leads, the customer was also focused on improving the funnel conversion rates at every step, especially for the clients with long form leads. As expected, these long forms were not ideal and resulted in lost revenue and increased costs.

The Solution

Through multiple experiments, the customer saw the benefit of Trestle’s Phone Validation API. The customer filtered out invalid and disconnected numbers from the leads sent over to the clients, which bolstered the customer’s differentiation on high quality leads.

The Impact

The customer did some testing and was able to see that while 5-6% of the leads contained invalid or disconnected numbers, the percentage of returned leads was much higher, resulting in lost revenue. The customer implemented Phone Validation API for all its clients and saw the returned leads reduced by ~50% given the ‘Bad Numbers’ disposition needed further classification from the clients now.

Now familiarized with Trestle, the customer then decided to leverage Trestle’s enrichment APIs to improve conversions. The customer had previously been requiring a full address for their long form leads. Experiments showed that requiring a full address resulted in a 30% abandonment rate. Trestle was able to eliminate the full address requirement by enriching the lead record with a full address from Reverse Phone API. This resulted in 80% of their leads getting processed with minimal friction and an overall conversion rate improvement of 24%.

This customer was also amongst the early adopters of Reverse Phone API’s Name Hint feature that ensured very high accuracy with these form fills – a must to ensure a positive consumer experience. Given the success with their initial pilot client, the customer now recommends any of their clients that need address data for leads generated to use Trestle’s Reverse Phone API.

About Trestle

Trestle provides industry-leading phone data APIs to improve lead management and call operations for businesses. Trestle’s product suite is powered by a cutting-edge identity data graph built on top of modern, scalable technology and machine learning capabilities that have yielded the best-in-class coverage and accuracy. This, along with a network built on top of 300MM+ queries every month, enables Trestle to serve with a differentiated product suite that businesses rely on for various use cases, including caller identification, call routing, lead assessment, and prioritization.