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Find Person API

Find Person API provides detailed individual information effortlessly. Access comprehensive demographics, current and historical addresses, and phone numbers with ease.

Whether you’re enhancing lead append processes or cleansing CRM systems, our people search API offers unparalleled utility.

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Unlock Powerful Use Cases with Find Person API

Lead Append

Paint a complete picture of your opportunities with contextual lead information.

Lead Attribution

Leverage up-to-date identity information to connect lead generation data with sales conversions for accurate attribution.


Associated Addresses

See current and historical associated addresses.

Contact Information

Receive additional phone numbers and email addresses to connect with the person.


See demographic data like age range and gender.


Trestle’s Find Person API provides several benefits that can be valuable for many companies. Here are some of the key advantages of our people search API:

  • Enhanced Lead Data

    Find Person API can enrich existing lead data by appending additional information such as contact details, addresses, and demographic information. This enriched data provides a more comprehensive view of leads, enabling better targeting.

  • Data Cleansing

    With Find Person API, you can cleanse CRM data to ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date, improving the quality of your lead database. When applicable, you can search for a person and retrieve a more current address by utilizing the address you have.

  • Multi-Channel Attribution

    In today's multi-channel marketing landscape, Find Person API can help track and attribute leads across various channels. It enables you to understand the customer journey across channels, determine the touchpoints that contributed to lead generation, and optimize marketing spend accordingly.

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