How to Elevate Your B2B Contact Rates with Trestle’s Real Contact API

Businesses constantly seek innovative strategies to enhance contact rates and optimize lead management processes in the B2B sales and marketing landscape. Whether reaching out to potential leads, nurturing existing prospects, or engaging with clients, establishing meaningful connections is essential for driving growth and success. A common challenge our customers face in B2B is the diminishing effectiveness of traditional data sources like Apollo, ZoomInfo, and Lusha. Reports of connection rates plummeting below 10%, the frustration with corporate phone trees, stale data, and poor email deliverability are becoming all too common. But why is this happening, and more importantly, what can be done about it?

The Challenge: Declining Contact Rates and Data Quality

Contact rates refer to the percentage of attempts to connect with prospects or clients that result in successful communication. High contact rates indicate effective outreach strategies and can lead to increased sales, improved customer relationships, and enhanced brand reputation.

However, achieving high contact rates is easier said than done. The core issue stems from the inherent difficulties in maintaining data accuracy. The high turnover rate of contact information, coupled with reliance on non-authoritative data sources, significantly impacts the relevance and usefulness of B2B contact data. Furthermore, with the shift towards phone-based outreach and the blurring lines between B2B and consumer contact data, the importance of having direct mobile phone access to your ideal customer profile (ICP) has never been more critical.

Moreover, compliance issues have gained prominence with stringent email spam rules and FCC regulations on autodialing, making reaching out more complex.

Trestle’s Solution: Real Contact API

Understanding these challenges, Trestle developed Real Contact API, a comprehensive lead verification solution designed to address these pain points and improve outreach efforts. Unlike traditional methods of lead management, which are often time-consuming and error-prone, Real Contact API leverages advanced technology to deliver accurate, up-to-date contact information in real time. 

With Real Contact API, businesses can:

  • Identify and prioritize phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses to ensure you’re reaching out to the most accessible contacts who are likely to engage and, ultimately, convert.
  • Identify disconnected phone numbers with a phone activity score, saving time and preventing your outbound numbers from being marked as spam, ensuring the integrity of your outreach efforts.
  • Focus on the highest quality contacts first by identifying a phone and email contact grade, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of outreach campaigns.
  • Ensure that contact information is valid and up-to-date, reducing the risk of wasted outreach efforts.
  • Streamline workflows and improve efficiency by seamlessly integrating Trestle’s API with existing CRM and marketing automation systems.

The Impact: Improved Contact Rates and Business Outcomes

Businesses utilizing Trestle’s Real Contact API customers have witnessed transformative results:

  • Boost in Contact Rates: From single digits to an impressive 15%, demonstrating the efficacy of focusing on accurate, mobile phone-based data.
  • Elevated Sales Morale: The frustration of dealing with outdated information and unreachable contacts diminishes, allowing sales teams to focus on relationship building.
  • Enhanced Conversion Rates: Higher contact rates mean increased opportunities for booked meetings and warm transfers, driving up conversion rates and contributing to the bottom line.

Why Trestle?

Focusing on accuracy, coverage, and compliance, our solutions, like the Real Contact API, are tailored to meet the challenges of today’s B2B outreach landscape. By leveraging Trestle’s solutions, you can ensure your team is equipped to make the right party contact, reduce the frustration of dialing disconnected phones, and significantly improve your contact rates.
If you have any questions about Real Contact API, feel free to look at the API documentation or contact us.