Identifying Disconnected Phone Numbers: Why Accurate Data is Key to Business Growth

In the fields of lead generation, sales, outbound dialing, and customer service, contact information is extremely important and a major asset to businesses, especially quality phone numbers. However, it’s only a major asset when the numbers are connected and accurate, and if they aren’t, it can really harm a business. 

The Importance of Accurate Data for Customer Outreach

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, having access to accurate data, especially connected phone numbers, can make all the difference in connecting with your target audience and building strong relationships with your customers. Disconnected phone numbers mean the customer is unreachable, and continued communication attempts with that disconnected number is time, money, and energy wasted with no return. With the dynamic digital age we’re in, the constant use of mobile phones, and customers changing phone numbers and carriers, identifying those disconnected phone numbers can be a challenge without the right tools or software. However, it is necessary for maintaining accurate data to connect with your customers. 

The Challenges of Disconnected Numbers for Businesses

  • Phone Number Reputation: Dialing disconnected numbers can result in low ASR rates, which can lead phone carriers to improperly block your phone numbers.
  • Lead Returns: Businesses purchase leads that should have never been sold in the first place, resulting in wasted efforts, inefficient marketing spend, and frustrated lead buyers.
  • Operational Challenges: Lead generators struggle to achieve an objective definition of disconnected numbers, making it difficult to truly assess lead quality.
  • Inefficient Lead Prioritization: Businesses, especially those who are resource constrained, call existing leads in their database, not prioritizing the ones most likely to pick up.
  • Diminished Customer Experience: Failed attempts to reach customers due to disconnected numbers can negatively impact the customer experience and erode trust in the brand.

The Price of Bad Phone Data

There’s clearly many challenges businesses face when dialing disconnected phone numbers. B2B companies spend an average of $43 per lead according to this HubSpot blog. The more bad leads you have because of disconnected phone numbers, the more the cost per lead will be. The average cost per lead is already high in the United States, so it hurts when many of those leads are invalid and can’t be used to generate actual sales. To maximize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and sales initiatives, quality leads are crucial, so businesses must prioritize the accuracy and validity of their contact data.

Leveraging Phone Validation

Fortunately, technology advancements have provided businesses with phone validation solutions to help with identifying disconnected phone numbers. It validates a phone number and identifies if a phone number is disconnected or not and can be extremely beneficial for businesses that rely on phone numbers as a main form of communication, like outbound dialing and SMS companies. These solutions help prioritize the best, most contactable leads that allow you to reach your target audience better and ensure quality customer satisfaction.

How is Phone Validity Different from Active/Disconnected?

Some companies already leverage data services that return a validity status and line type details, but the results are often not what they expect. There are different levels of validation for phones: syntax, carrier allocated, and connected status. Businesses who use syntax or carrier location status to determine the contactability of the phone number will see inaccurate results, but neither of these signals provide insight into whether a phone number has been provisioned to an active subscriber account. This is why it’s key to leverage solutions that provide insight into active/disconnected phone signals.

Trestle’s Phone Validation API

Among the many phone validation solutions, Trestle’s Phone Validation API stands out as a comprehensive tool for businesses seeking reliable and accurate data validation capabilities. Phone Validation API offers a robust set of features designed to enhance lead contactability and improve the quality of data.

  • Accuracy and Reliability: Phone Validation API employs sophisticated algorithms to validate phone numbers with precision, ensuring that businesses can trust the integrity of their data.
  • Real-Time Validation: With real-time validation capabilities, businesses can instantly validate the status of phone numbers and identify disconnected lines, minimizing wasted resources and maximizing efficiency. 
  • Scalability: Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, Trestle’s Phone Validation API is scalable to meet your business needs. Its flexible architecture allows for seamless integration with existing systems and workflows. 
  • Compliance and Security: Trestle prioritizes data privacy and security and helps companies adhere to industry regulatory and compliance standards, like TCPA. 

By integrating Trestle’s Phone Validation API into their operations, businesses can:

  • Improve Lead Quality: By prioritizing leads based on data accuracy and a Phone Activity Score, businesses can focus their resources on prospects with the highest likelihood of conversion, thereby maximizing their return on investment.
  • Enhance Customer Experience: With accurate contact information, businesses can deliver personalized and timely communications, fostering stronger relationships with their customers and enhancing overall satisfaction.
  • Operational Efficiency: Trestle’s Phone Validation API streamlines data validation processes, enabling businesses to optimize their workflows and achieve greater efficiency in lead generation, sales, and customer service initiatives.

In conclusion, Trestle’s Phone Validation API offers a powerful solution for businesses seeking to overcome the challenges of disconnected phone numbers. By leveraging Trestle’s phone lookup APIs, businesses can transform their contact data management practices and improve their sales conversions.

If you want to learn more about Phone Validation API, we have API documentation available. As always, if you have any more questions, feel free to contact us