Insurance Lead Buyer Leverages Real Contact API to Filter Out Bad Leads and Improve Operational Efficiencies


An insurance agency for Allstate bought leads from various third-party sources and was looking to optimize their spend and improve operational efficiencies to deal with returning unreachable leads and payment adjustments. Real Contact API immediately helped filter out the bad leads upfront so that the sales team could focus on a smaller set of good, reachable leads, helping improve conversions and reduce operational overhead.

The Challenge

The insurance agency buys leads from various third-party providers for everything, from auto to flood insurance in the Georgia area. As a small team, the constant focus is to optimize the leads generated and reduce operational overhead so that they can focus on more conversions. They contacted Trestle to explore how they can improve operational efficiencies and prioritize leads, and it was evident that Real Contact API would be a great fit.

The Solution

The agency decided to first test Real Contact API on a small set of leads they already knew the outcome on. Success was disposition: “quoted” (meaning, there was a conversation and an insurance quote was provided). On this data test, ~8% of records were Grade-D or Grade-F leads, and of those records, less than 0.1% of Grade-F records were quoted, indicating very low false positives and immediate improvement in weeding out junk leads.

Also, out of all the quoted leads, 92% were Grade-A and Grade-B leads. This indicated a heavy correlation between lead quality and Real Contact API grading. The operational efficiencies it added throughout the process allowed the agency to prioritize leads with the highest chance to convert. That made it an easy choice to move forward with signing up for the Real Contact API and stop buying Grade-D and Grade-F leads.

The Impact

In the first few months of deployment, the agency saved ~10% of lead spend by not buying Grade-D or Grade-F leads. By focusing efforts on Grade-A, Grade-B, and Grade-C leads, the agency was also better able to predict conversions. The agency’s operational efficiency increased as it went through less paperwork and payment adjustments for the returned leads, simplifying the processes overall.

About Trestle

Trestle provides industry-leading phone data APIs to improve lead management and call operations for businesses. Trestle’s product suite is powered by a cutting-edge identity data graph built on top of modern, scalable technology and machine learning capabilities that have yielded the best-in-class coverage and accuracy. This, along with a network built on top of 300MM+ queries every month, enables Trestle to serve with a differentiated product suite that businesses rely on for various use cases, including caller identification, call routing, lead assessment, and prioritization.