Introducing Real Contact API: A Phone Verification Solution

Each month, businesses generate hundreds of millions of customer leads either through direct marketing efforts or by purchasing leads. Sales and marketing teams invest massive resources, time, and energy into closing leads or nurturing them long enough to make a sale. There are many things that can factor into a consumer’s conversion rate, including product fit, sales talent, and ability to pay.

However, businesses are missing key insights required to understand if the leads they are working are real. They commonly ask: Is there a real person behind the lead? Is the contact information provided accurate? Businesses have a very difficult time getting customers to pick up, which is extremely problematic. According to this study, 40% of B2B leads added to CRMs are invalid, duplicates, or incomplete. This ultimately causes sales teams to waste time on low quality leads and not maximize their aged lead lists that include untapped opportunities. 

Why make 1,000 calls if only 700 of them are valid? – Mark Pierce, SVP of Sales at PhoneBurner

At Trestle, we created Real Contact API, a phone verification solution, to help businesses assess their lead quality through authoritative data, the industry-leading feedback network, and machine learning to provide an actionable grade. Real Contact API validates a lead if it is real, confirms the person is who they say they are, and grades the contactability of the lead on a scale of A-F, which is based on our overall lead quality assessment. It also returns an activity score that indicates if the phone is disconnected or not. 

Through customer feedback, we have seen 300% improvement of customer answer rates by calling their “A” grade customers in comparison to generic call patterns. And because answer rates are higher from using Real Contact API, sales morale improves too because sales representatives are more confident in the data they are given. In addition to better answer rates and sales team morale, Real Contact API aids in preventing reputational damage from dialing bad leads. With businesses already getting flagged by carrier rules and spam apps, placing calls to invalid numbers further contributes to tarnishing the reputation of your phone numbers.

We’re confident in this product and what it can bring to the phone verification space. If you’re interested in learning more about Real Contact API and how it can help optimize your lead management, feel free to contact us.