Introducing Trestle’s Data Quality Tracker: March 2024

One of the questions we often get asked by our customers is how our disconnected phone count/percentage compares to what you typically see across your customers. This also expands further into line type or lead quality, informing businesses on their lead/sign-up quality and where they can improve.

To help with that, we are introducing the industry’s first Data Quality Tracker. The goal of this tool is to track the different attributes we see across our entire customer base regarding lead quality. One important note: All of this data is aggregated and presented here, so none is attributable to any single customer.

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of the activity score distribution observed by Trestle across all our customers. We’ve categorized the data into three distinct buckets:

  • The percentage of phones we see with activity scores of 71 and above. This is where we see consistent activity with the phone through our networks.
  • The percentage of phones we see with activity scores between 31 and 70. This is where we see slightly inconsistent activity with the phone through our networks. 
  • The percentage of phones we see with activity scores of 30 or below. This is where we see low to no activity associated with the phone through our networks. 

You can find a quick primer on how to interpret the activity score in this knowledge base article

February 2024

March 2024

A couple of interesting observations:

Close to ~15% of phone numbers are disconnected, and an additional ~15% have shown inconsistent activity. This shows the extent to which businesses have to work with bad-quality leads that have a low probability of engagement and conversions. Yes, there can be a bit of bias that businesses are sending us only the leads to verify that are lower down the waterfall and that they need clarification. However, most of our customers have us at the top of the waterfall, so the impact overall should be minimal.

The businesses we cater to and those that use our service include leads acquired through web form sign-ups and outbound calling platforms. Invariably, outbound calling platforms working with cold leads have higher rates of disconnects, but overall, we were even surprised when we saw these numbers aggregated across our entire customer base. 

One final point: While we are starting with the activity score tracker, we plan to add more trackers here (e.g., phone line type, email validity, etc.) so that businesses can compare their results with the ‘industry averages’ and figure out where to optimize. 

What can businesses do about it?

A few things are possible. Use services like Trestle’s Phone Validation API or Real Contact API to verify leads and filter out the disconnected ones and the garbage. 

If you are receiving leads from various suppliers, work with them to point these issues at the front end rather than dealing with returned leads. Take leads that pass through the verification. The cost savings alone, both operational and from receiving only higher-quality leads from suppliers, will probably be multiple times more than the cost of these verification services. 

Get your best leads to your best salespeople, where these lead indicators point to the best quality. Prioritize them. The ROI on just focusing on them will further improve conversions, with the overall ROI seen by customers being 10X of investing in them. 

What do you think? Do these numbers line up with what you have seen for your business? Can we help with further optimizations to your lead quality that can help reduce COGS, of course, but more importantly, so that you are avoiding fake, bot, and fraudulent leads and getting your best salespeople working on the highest-quality leads?

You can set up a meeting, email us at, or check out our Phone Validation demo.