Key Insights Gained from LeadsCon 2023 in Las Vegas

We recently attended LeadsCon 2023 in Las Vegas, and we were impressed by the insights and trends we discovered. Here are some key takeaways from the event:

First, there are Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) changes that will impact how Medicare lead buyers and sellers work together. These changes include the prohibition of sharing personal beneficiary data with other Third-Party Marketing Organizations (TPMOs), the need to be clear with the customer about who they are talking to, and limitations on the duration of contact rates.

Secondly, the focus on lead data quality has shifted from quantity to quality. Companies are spending aggressively to ensure they have the right consent, and lead volumes have slowed down, making it critical to leverage solutions like Journaya and ActiveProspect trusted forms.

Thirdly, compliance is top of mind for lead generation, with lawsuits for TCPA violations becoming more common. Organizations such as Consumer Consent Counsel are focused on conducting lead generation in a compliance manner.

Finally, the answer rates for outbound calls are driving major discussions at LeadsCon. Several solutions are being discussed, such as resetting the reputation of phones, implementing branded caller ID for outbound numbers (e.g. Hiya), and finding disconnected phone numbers prior to calling.

At Trestle, these trends towards data quality and compliance align with our focus. We are already working with dozens of lead generators who are using our Reverse Phone API to validate and verify lead data and inbound phone calls. We are also assessing the contactability of leads and looking into disconnected phone numbers.

LeadsCon 2023 was an extremely informative event, and we look forward to attending again soon. Contact us if you have any questions.