Lead Management

Find the top potential prospects and keep them current with Trestle. Our identity data APIs validate leads to ensure accuracy and help you prioritize your most contactable leads.

Lead Verification and Append

Leverage phone metadata and phone subscriber details to remove spam junk leads and append additional data that helps with lead conversion.

Lead Validation and Normalization

Validate attributes to ensure the phone number is connected and assigned to a subscriber and the address exists in the real world.

Lead Contactability

Prioritize leads with the best chance of contactability based on if the number is reachable, not disconnected or a temporary number, and belongs to the person who they say they are.

Lead Attribution

Leverage up-to-date identity information to connect lead generation data with sales conversions for accurate attribution.

Identity Resolution and Database Cleansing

Multiple profiles for a customer can be merged to ensure no time is wasted on reaching duplicate contacts.