Lead Management

Identify, verify, and update your prospects with Trestle. Our identity data APIs validate leads to ensure accuracy and help you prioritize your most contactable leads.

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Benefits of Using Trestle for Lead Management

Increased Contactability

Ensure that sales and marketing teams can reach leads, maximizing contactability and engagement.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Ensure that contact information provided by leads is accurate and up-to-date for more reliable data.

Improved Lead Quality

Verify the authenticity of leads by confirming their phone numbers, reducing the likelihood of fake leads, and filter out leads with invalid or disconnected phone numbers, focusing efforts on high-quality leads that are more likely to convert.

Streamlined Lead Management Workflows

Automate the process of verifying and validating phone numbers, saving time and resources for lead management teams.

Better Lead Segmentation and Prioritization

Segment leads based on verified phone numbers and caller information for more targeted and effective lead nurturing campaigns.

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