Leveraging Real Contact API in Real Estate: A Customer Use Case

The Brief: 

Julianna Gimelli is an agent of Eighty20 Realty in San Luis Obispo, specializing in distressed properties. She does a lot of cold outreach and door knocking, which is her primary driver of new business. She gets a lot of her lead data through various connections within her organization, as well as through public channels. Let’s just say Julianna has plenty of numbers and doors to knock on.

The Challenge:

The problem here is that there are only so many doors to knock on, phone numbers to call, and emails you can sustainably send in a single day. When she wants to conduct outreach, Julianna is spending entirely too much time interacting with unqualified leads due to a lack of information about the lead. Whether it’s calling disconnected numbers, having inaccurate information, and just having the door slammed in her face, she certainly would benefit greatly from being able to better prioritize her outreach efforts through enhanced data about her leads.

The Raw Lead Data:

Unfortunately, with only minimal lead data, a prioritization strategy could not be created. So we needed to provide enrichment first.

The Solution: Trestle’s Real Contact API

  1. Locating an Enrichment Source: Julianna’s team conducted a thorough investigation on available tools in the real estate market intelligence (MI) space and discovered Trestle, the same internal intelligence provider for many reputable brands such as Twilio, Best Buy, and ActiveProspect.
  2. Implementation: Trestle’s Real Contact API provided a variety of information on our leads. We received physical locations, their current residents, associated phone numbers, phone number activity scores, line type, and ownership details to name a few of the most valuable fields.
  3. Data Driven Lead Prioritization Strategy: Through the additional metrics, it became very clear that a strategy designed to minimize the amount of interaction between Julianna and her unqualified leads could be built around Activity Score, Lead Grade, Age Range, and Last Sale Date.
  4. Activity Score is a number from 0-100 based on how active a phone number has been. This gives Julianna a much better idea of how likely it is that the phone number is connected.
  5. Contact Grade is a grade from A-F and reflects how accurate her raw data is with the data from Trestle. Since the data is aggregated from the telecom companies themselves, we know that leads with a lead grade less than a certain threshold were simply not worth contacting.
  6. Age Range is another crucial datapoint for Julianna’s strategy. One of her most reliable client types are senior citizens looking to sell their homes to permanently relocate into a communal nursing home, which often happens within a certain age range. Additionally, Trestle would also provide information about residents, so if she noticed that certain households were above a certain age and contained no other residents, that lead would be an extremely high priority target for her.

The Outcome:

Since using Real Contact API, Julianna has been able to disqualify nearly a third of her leads based on the Age Range property alone, develop new strategies for outreach and targeting, reprioritize her existing leads accordingly, and systematically reach live numbers more often. The results:

  • ~33% reduction in outreach
  • Enhanced targeting for an existing strategy and developed new targeting strategies
  • Reach live numbers more often

Original article was written by Tony Ge. https://cake-homegrown-6d2.notion.site/Julianna-of-Eighty20-Realty-Automated-Lead-Enhancement-80881e162e9c4ebfbd8da7da50f489b0