Meet the Intern: Shruti Dhond

Tell us a little bit about yourself, background, and role. How did you land here?

My name is Shruti, and I’m pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science from North Carolina State University. Prior to starting my postgraduate program, I worked as a software engineer at Fivetran for over three years. I am currently interning for the summer at Trestle as a software engineer focusing on backend development.

I came across this position online and instantly felt that my experience perfectly aligns with the job requirements, so I applied. After a few rounds of interviews with the engineering team members and Trestle’s CEO and Co-founder, Kushal Shah, I was fortunate enough to have this opportunity.

What excites you most about Trestle?

Trestle’s founding story and rapid growth trajectory in just a few years are inspiring and commendable. What excites me about working here is the fast-paced development environment, where you can directly witness the impact of your work on the product and its users. Moreover, gaining complete ownership of tasks enhances problem-solving and decision-making skills, which are essential for software engineering.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit our office in Bellevue and meet and interact with all the team members. During this time, our founders, Kushal Shah and Jordan Reynolds, discussed the company’s vision and growth plans, and it was indeed evident that they have a clear direction for the company’s future. Overall, I’m grateful to work with a highly driven and focused team and look forward to making impactful contributions.

What will you be working on during your internship? 

I’m working on an exciting project to develop a wallet experience as part of our self-serve pricing. This introduces a new model where customers can top up their wallets and use them to consume Trestle’s API products. This project has allowed me to be involved in everything from design discussions to implementation and testing. It also enabled me to delve deeper into understanding how different payment gateways work and how to integrate them into the software’s backend to provide a seamless checkout experience for users.

What are your plans after finishing the internship?

After completing my internship, I will be returning to my university to complete the second year of my Master’s program. Upon graduating, my goal is to work as a full-time software engineer, utilizing my experience and skill set to develop solutions that have a meaningful impact on users and drive business growth.