Meet the Team: Tom Maddock

Tell us a little bit about yourself, background, and role. How did you land here?

My name is Tom Maddock, and I am the Director of Business Development here at Trestle. I have been fortunate enough to be part of two noteworthy startups in Seattle over the past decade, Ekata and Zipwhip, both of which were successfully sold to larger companies. I worked very closely with Trestle’s Co-founders, Jordan and Kushal, while at Ekata, and I welcomed the opportunity to help build Trestle into a leading identity data company. I enjoy working for startups because your daily work contributions are meaningful, and you have a chance to really make an impact.

What does your daily routine look like?

My focus is working on acquiring new partnerships for Trestle. A typical partnership is seeking to use our APIs to verify, validate, or enrich customer information to improve lead management and call center operations. My days are spent meeting with customers to help them understand how to utilize our identity data APIs. I also attend a fair number of trade shows to help build our brand and attract new partners.

What excites you most about Trestle?

Trestle is in a really great position to be the leading identity data provider for lead management and call center verticals. I have a deep understanding of the use cases we serve and the data we provide to help our customers make better decisions. Also, most importantly, I believe 100% that Trestle has the most accurate phone data in the U.S. and Canada to support our customers.

What Trestle value do you relate to most?

Customer First is the value I can relate to the most. In the SaaS usage based model, I learned pretty quickly that being responsive and accessible for our customers will make an incredible difference as we scale our business. Everyone on the team is super responsive to our customers, and they’re great to work with. Our leadership team is very accessible and has domain expertise in the identity data vertical, which adds a great deal of value to our customers and partners.