Our Founding Story

About nine years ago, we, Kushal and Jordan, were transitioning into new roles after an unsuccessful run at the startup dream. Kushal had built a lead generation app based on LinkedIn APIs, not knowing their access would eventually be shut off, and Jordan built a cloud-based video management application for the burgeoning content creator space, which ran out of runway. 

We were both fortunate to be early team members of Whitepages Pro, the B2B division of Whitepages. Kushal led the product team, and Jordan was the first Enterprise sales hire. We were a powerful team and helped plot our journey of taking a top 50 consumer web property to becoming a global leader in B2B identity data, which ultimately sold in 2021 for $850M with 100M+ in revenue. 

Throughout our journey with Whitepages Pro, we worked across many market segments, including marketing and lead generation, communications, financial services, and eCommerce. Through persistence and solid product innovation, we became market leaders for enterprise-grade identity data across these segments. We eventually had to specialize our business, and focusing on fraud and risk was the right decision given we were expanding globally. Unfortunately, this meant that we shifted our investments away from marketing and communications related use cases, where we had developed a strong and loyal customer base.   

Fast forward to 2022, we were just wrapping up our 1-year anniversary of the acquisition and looking for our next adventure. We both felt like we had unfinished business not being able to innovate on behalf of our non-risk customers. We knew there was a gap in the market for quality solutions with exceptional customer service, which presented an intriguing opportunity.

From there, Trestle was born. Having established ourselves in the space, we had no trouble securing financing and finding the right relationships to launch the business. 

Looking ahead, our main goal is to better serve our customers. There’s a long list of feedback we’ve been dying to deliver on. We have our own ideas for how we can transform Trestle into a data and solutions platform that will change the way businesses leverage identity data. 

Despite only being a few months old, we’re proud of all the work that has been accomplished. We’re confident that our focus, values, and mission will provide a frictionless and personalized experience for our customers. There’s still so much to be done, but we’re excited and ready to see where this adventure will take us.