Phone Activity Score: Maximizing Customer Call Engagement

Understanding a phone number’s activity status is incredibly important when it comes to customer communications. The Phone Activity Score in Phone Validation API and Real Contact API provides a more nuanced approach to information about the phone number’s activity than a simple “disconnected” phone tag, like other phone validation solutions. The model considers other variables beyond phone activity, like phone carrier, line type, linkage data, and more to influence the score. While a disconnected phone tag typically indicates that the phone number is not currently in service, the Phone Activity Score offers a more comprehensive assessment of the number’s recent activity patterns.

Here are a few reasons why a Phone Activity Score is more valuable:

  1. Granularity of Information: The Phone Activity Score provides a numerical value that represents the level of phone activity. This allows for a more nuanced understanding of the phone number’s status, ranging from highly active and likely to answer to inactive or disconnected.
  2. Recent Activity: The score takes into account recent activity, helping you understand if the phone number has been consistently active or if the activity has been inconsistent for an extended period. This is particularly useful for applications where knowing recent activity is crucial.
  3. Decision-Making: For businesses or applications that rely on accurate and up-to-date customer information, having a more detailed understanding of a phone number’s activity can inform decision-making processes more effectively to better fit their needs. For example, the tolerance for false positives changes from customer to customer. One customer may set their rules to reject any number with a score of less than 30, while another customer may decide anything below 40 should be removed.

How Trestle’s Phone Activity Score Works:

Trestle’s Phone Activity Score ranges from 0 to 100. A score of 100 means consistent activity in the last 12 months, and a score of 0 means a disconnected number or no activity has been seen in the past year.

A Phone Activity Score of 70 or above means there is a high confidence that the phone is connected, assigned to a subscriber, and someone has been taking calls consistently. An activity score of 30 or below means there is a high confidence that the phone is either disconnected or no one will answer the call when the number is dialed. A Phone Activity Score of 50 means Trestle doesn’t have enough signals to predict whether the phone is connected or disconnected/inactive.

If you want to filter leads based on the Phone Activity Score, the following rules can be recommended:

  • Prioritize dialing good numbers with consistent activity: Scores 70 or above.
  • Weed out leads with disconnected/inactive numbers: Scores of 30 or below.

Common Use Cases for Phone Activity Score:

  • Outbound Dialing: Phone Activity Score can significantly benefit outbound dialing companies by providing a data-driven approach to prioritize and optimize their calling efforts. The score can identify the most promising leads and prospects who are most likely to answer, therefore increasing outbound dialing campaign efficiency. This scoring system enables companies to focus their resources on prospects with higher engagement potential, leading to improved conversion rates and overall productivity. Moreover, by continuously updating and refining the scoring model based on real-time data, outbound dialing companies can adapt to changing market dynamics and customer behaviors, ensuring a more targeted and effective outreach strategy.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Phone Activity Score can greatly enhance the functionality and effectiveness of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems by providing valuable insight into engagement levels of leads and customers. With this insight, businesses can prioritize their interactions based on the likelihood of conversion or engagement. Additionally, integrating a solution like Phone Validation API or Real Contact API with Phone Activity Score into CRM systems can enhance customer data quality by flagging inactive or potentially fraudulent phone numbers. This ensures that businesses maintain accurate contact information and can reach customers effectively.
  • Lead Verification: Phone Activity Score serves as a pivotal tool in lead verification processes by providing insights into the authenticity and quality of leads. Phone Activity Score helps to distinguish between real leads with consistently active phone use and no consistent use or disconnected contacts. By implementing a phone activity score system, businesses can streamline lead verification processes, allocate resources more efficiently, and ultimately enhance the overall effectiveness of their lead generation and conversion strategies.

As you can see, the Phone Activity Score in the Phone Validation API or Real Contact API serves as a valuable tool across various industries and use cases, contributing to enhanced security, improved operational efficiency, and better customer engagement. 

If you want to understand more about our Phone Activity Score, we have information about how the score is calculated in our Knowledge Base. As always, feel free to contact us or look at our API Documentation for more information.