Phone Validation API Data Dictionary

Response Field
Trestle's persistent ID of the phone number/address/person returned.
Phone Number
The phone number is normalized and formatted with a country code.
Is Valid
Boolean indicator if the phone is a valid number and assigned to a carrier.
Phone Activity Score
A 0-100 score indicating whether a phone is connected and in active use or whether it is disconnected and has not seen any activity.
Country Calling Code
The country code for the phone number.
Country Code
The ISO-3166 alpha-2 country code of the phone number.
Country Name
The country name of the location associated with the phone number.
Line Type
Line type indicating if the phone is landline, mobile, fixed or non-fixed VoIP (like a Twilio or Google Voice), toll-free, etc.
The MVNO level carrier that provides the service to the subscriber.
Is Prepaid
Boolean indicator if the phone number is associated with a prepaid account.