Access up-to-date phone carrier information and eliminate disconnected lines.

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Phone Validation API

Phone Validation API validates the phone number and provides phone metadata and features including: carrier, line type, prepaid status, validity checks, and an activity score identifying if the phone is disconnected or connected.

Unlock powerful use cases:

Lead Contactability and Prioritization

Prioritize leads with the best chance of contactability based on if the number is connected or disconnected, reachable or a temporary number, and belongs to the person who they say they are.

Reputation Management

Reach your target audience by managing your business phone reputation and avoiding outgoing calls to disconnected and temporary numbers.

Call Routing and Prioritization

Route known and unknown calls to the right agent or sales team member in real-time based on the phone metadata or caller’s demographic and location details.


Activity Score

Indicates if a phone is connected or disconnected. 

Validity Checks

Shows whether a number is valid, assigned to a carrier, and is in-service.


Identifies all US-based carriers including MVNOs.

Line Type

Provides seven unique line types including: mobile, fixed and non-fixed VoIP, landline, premium, toll-free and voicemail service.

Prepaid Status

Indicates whether a mobile number is part of a prepaid plan.

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