Phone Validator API

Trestle’s Phone Validator API provides real-time validation for phone numbers, ensuring data accuracy and reducing spam. It supports U.S. and Canadian numbers and offers detailed carrier information and line type identification.

  • id: "Phone.3dbb6fef-a2df-4b08-cfe3-bc7128b6f5b4",
  • phone_number: "2069735100",
  • is_valid: true,
  • activity_score: 57,
  • country_calling_code: "1",
  • country_code: "US",
  • country_name: "United States",
  • line_type: "NonFixedVOIP",
  • carrier: "Level 3 Communications, LLC",
  • is_prepaid: false

Use Cases for Our Phone Validator


Validity Checks

Validate the phone number and identify if it’s assigned to a carrier.

Carrier Information

Identify 3,600+ U.S.-based carriers, including MVNOs.

Line Type Identification

Distinguish between seven different line types, including mobile, landline, fixed VoIP, non-fixed VoIP, and more.

Phone Activity Score

Identify disconnected phone numbers. 

Prepaid Status

Indicates if a mobile number is connected to a prepaid plan.


Phone Numbers Tracked


QPS (up to)



Benefits of Our Phone Validator API

Trestle’s Phone Validator API provides several benefits that can be valuable for businesses and organizations. Here are some of the key advantages of our phone validator solution:

Improved Customer Contactability

Ensure valid contact information to enhance user engagement and reduce communication barriers.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Improve the quality of your customer data by verifying the validity, format, and status of phone numbers in real-time. This helps prevent communication errors, reduce redundancy, and improve overall data quality.

Enhanced Security

Protect your business from fake accounts and spam activities.

Message Delivery

Target valid and reachable phone numbers to reduce wasted SMS campaign efforts.

Phone Validator API Pricing




1,000 queries per month

Small Business



5,000 queries per month


Custom Pricing

Uncapped queries

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