Product Update for Reverse Lookup APIs: Latest Ported Line Type Data

At Trestle, our core mission is to improve the contactability of leads and customers. One major contactability problem is finding the best ways to reach the lead, which might include the phone number provided on the lead form. However, businesses are also looking for additional ways to contact the individual.

To help with that, Trestle’s Reverse Lookup APIs already provide additional numbers associated with that individual, lead, or customer. These numbers are ranked based on internal logic around link confidence. However, to date, the line type data returned as part of the response didn’t consider the ported carrier information. For example, a number might have been ported from a landline to a mobile and still associated with the same person, but we would still show it as a landline. That meant customers missed an insight for prioritization of calls when contacting the lead. Typically, the business will go down the list of numbers in the order given to try to reach the individual or lead of interest.

However, with the latest ported line type data, including mobile, landline, fixed and non-fixed VoIP, etc., businesses can take a more nuanced approach in prioritizing the calls to make. For example, the business might choose to call mobile phones for younger individuals, and for older individuals, they might want to prioritize landline numbers. Businesses can also decide to skip non-fixed VoIP numbers, as they are temporary and might never result in an answer or conversion when associated with an individual.

From what we have seen working with some customers, this update will improve engagement and conversion rates and increase sales teams morale because they will get more and better answer rates. These updates are already available as part of the APIs, so if you are using any of the Reverse Phone, Find Person, or Reverse Address APIs, you are already getting the latest line type data. 

We are excited about bringing this to the market as it is a unique insight not available anywhere today. If you plan to use this feature, we would love to work with you to see the improvements of engagement rates. If we can answer any questions, please contact us.