Real Contact API Data Dictionary

Response Field
Phone is Valid
Boolean indicator if the phone is a valid number and assigned to a carrier.
Activity Score
A 0-100 score indicating whether a phone is connected and in active use or whether it is disconnected and has not seen any activity.
Phone Name Match
A match/no match indicator whether the name provided on the lead form matches to the input phone number according to our database. A match is a positive indicator that verifies the lead is real and is who he/she says they are.
Phone Line Type
Line type indicating if the phone is Landline, Mobile, Fixed or NonFixedVOIP (like Twilio or Google Voice), TollFree, etc.
Contact Grade
An A-E grade determining the quality of the lead and whether it is contactable. A Grade-E lead is a bad lead and should be deprioritized, while a Grade-A lead is real and contactable and should be prioritized.