Real Contact API: New Email and Address Feature Updates

At Trestle, we are focused on iterating and improving our value proposition for contact verification and contactability use cases. We are thrilled to announce a significant upgrade to Real Contact API, our phone verification solution, by introducing five powerful features. These features include email and address verifications and will further help verify leads and assess how to prioritize them based on our contactability grades.

Email Validation:

While we have focused on phone assessment to date, we are now introducing email checks as part of our Real Contact API. This allows businesses to get a more comprehensive view of the lead and keeps the database free from inaccuracies, which is essential for effective lead management and communication. With our newly added Email Validation feature, businesses can now verify the validity of email addresses.

Email to Name Match: 

Along with validity, our latest update introduces an Email to Name Match, leveraging 728M email linkages in our database. This Email to Name Match allows you to verify that the provided email aligns with the name in our database. This added layer of precision enhances the accuracy of your data, giving you the confidence to make more informed decisions.

Email Contact Grade:

Just like Phone Contact Grade, the Email Contact Grade takes into account multiple email signals. These signals include email validity, if the email domain is temporary (disposable), and the email to name match. It evaluates the reachability of the email on your lead form, providing you with a single grade from A to F to prioritize your contacts effectively. For example, Grade-A email means it is valid, has a good domain reputation, and has an email to name match, while Grade-F email leads are invalid or disposable emails.

Address Validation:

In addition to new email features, we’re also thrilled to introduce address checks. Similar to email validation, address validation ensures that the provided address is real and exists in the real world, reducing errors and enhancing the overall quality of your data.

Address to Name Match:

Lastly, Real Contact API also includes Address to Name Match. You can confirm that the provided address corresponds accurately to the associated name.

Getting Started

Comprehensive documentation and response samples are available via API Documentation, and if you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is ready to help at

With these new features in Real Contact API, businesses can now assess incoming leads better to make informed decisions. We are excited to see how these new features will benefit our customers.