Real Contact API

Verify phone numbers with name matches for phone, email, and address, as well as phone and email contact grades. Determine phone line type and identify disconnected phone numbers with a phone activity score.

  • phone.is_valid: true,
  • phone.activity_score: 100,
  • phone.line_type: "Mobile",
  • phone.name_match: true,
  • phone.contact_grade: "A",
  • email.is_valid: true,
  • email.name_match: true,
  • email.contact_grade: "A",
  • address.is_valid: true,
  • address.name_match: true

Use Cases


Phone and Email Contact Grades

Graded assessment on an A to F scale that determines the quality of the lead and whether it is contactable.

Phone, Email, and Address Validity Checks

Shows whether a number, email, and/or address is valid and exists in the real-world.

Phone, Email, and Address-to-Name Matches

A match or no match indicator to determine whether the name provided on the lead form matches our database.

Phone Activity Score

Indicates if a phone is disconnected or connected. 

Line Type

Provides seven unique line types, including mobile, fixed and non-fixed VoIP, landline, premium, toll-free, and voicemail service.

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Trestle’s Real Contact API offers several benefits for businesses and applications that require phone verification. Here are some of the key advantages of our phone verification API:

Increase Contact Rates

Businesses already have a difficult time getting customers to pick up the phone. Real Contact API grades the lead based on its contactability, so by contacting the “A” grade, businesses will have a 2-3x higher contact rate compared to generic call patterns.

Confirm Compliance

Real Contact API provides phone verification so businesses can confirm that the phone still belongs to the person they intend to reach and has not changed hands or been reassigned. This ensures compliance with outbound dialers and text messaging right-party contact requirements.

Minimize Lead Waste

Real Contact API improves the efficiency and effectiveness of lead generation efforts. By targeting the right audience and generating higher-quality leads, businesses will have higher conversion rates because they are contacting people with the highest chance of converting.

Improve Sales and Agent Morale

Real Contact API saves sales teams and agents time and resources by identifying the best leads. When answer rates improve, team morale also improves.

Enhanced Security

Real Contact API validates the phone number, email, and address, so you can ensure that users are providing valid and factual information, reducing the risk of fake accounts.

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