Reverse Address API Data Dictionary

Response Field
Trestle's persistent ID of the phone number/address/person returned.
Is Valid
Boolean indicator if the address is valid and exists in the real world.
Normalized Address
Normalized and standardized address including street line, unit number (if applicable), city, postal, state, and country code.
The coordinates of the normalized and validated address.
Is Commercial
Boolean indicator if the address is associated with a business.
Delivery Point
The delivery point of the address. This includes single unit, multi-unit, PO Box, etc.
Current Residents
The list of current people and/or businesses at the address.
Age range and gender of the resident at the address.
If the address is registered to the business, this is the industry of the business (e.g., retail, automotive, etc.).
Link to Address Start Date
The date of when the resident has been associated with the address.
A list of phone numbers associated with the resident along with their line type.
The list of emails associated with the current resident.
Historical Addresses
A list of historical addresses associated with the resident, including full address, postal code, coordinates, and the dates of when the subscriber was associated with the address.
Associated People
Associated people living in the same household, as well as relatives of the resident.