Identify, enhance and update address records.

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Reverse Address API

Reverse Address API is designed to validate and normalize input addresses while providing comprehensive insights into current residents. Discover detailed demographic information, historical addresses, email addresses, and associated phone numbers effortlessly.

Whether you’re enhancing lead verification or appending critical data, our reverse address lookup API offers unmatched functionality.

  • id: "Location.d1a40ed5-a70a-46f8-80a9-bb4ac27e3a01",
  • is_valid: true,
  • street_line_1: "100 Syrws St",
  • street_line_2: "Ste 1",
  • city: "Lynden",
  • postal_code: "98264",
  • zip4: "98264-9999",
  • state_code: "WA",
  • country_code: "US",
  • : {3 items},
  • is_active: true,
  • is_commercial: true,
  • delivery_point: "SingleUnit",
  • : [1 item],
  • emails: ""

Unlock Powerful Use Cases with Reverse Address API

Lead Verification and Append

Leverage address details and append additional data that helps with lead conversion.

Lead Contactability and Prioritization

Prioritize leads with the best chance of contactability based on if the location is reachable.

Lead Attribution

Leverage up-to-date identity information to connect lead generation data with sales conversions for accurate attribution.



Find the people, businesses, associated phone numbers, and emails behind the address.


Receive canonicalized and validated addresses for easy use in all your marketing efforts.

Address Metadata

Know whether the address is deliverable, whether it’s receiving mail, the delivery point, and more.


Trestle’s Reverse Address API offers numerous benefits, particularly in the realm of location-based services and data analysis. Here are some key advantages of using our reverse address lookup API:

  • Location Intelligence

    Reverse Address API verifies the accuracy of the address and provides access to a wealth of location-based information associated with a specific address. This can include demographic data, historical information, and more. Businesses can leverage this data for market research, targeted marketing campaigns, site selection, and making informed business decisions.

  • Geolocation

    By providing an address as input, Reverse Address API can retrieve the corresponding latitude and longitude coordinates. This geolocation data is invaluable for mapping applications, navigation systems, and any service that requires precise location information.

  • Enhanced User Experience

    Integrating Reverse Address API into systems can enhance the user experience by providing accurate and relevant location-based information.

  • Logistics and Delivery Optimization

    Reverse Address API can optimize logistics and delivery operations. By converting addresses into geocoordinates, businesses can optimize routes, calculate distances, estimate delivery times, and allocate resources more efficiently. This can lead to cost savings, improved delivery accuracy, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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