Reverse Phone API

Verify and enrich phone numbers to identify owner names and demographics, phone metadata, current addresses, and email addresses.

  • id: "Phone.3dbb6fef-a2df-4b08-cfe3-bc7128b6f5b4",
  • phone_number: "2069735100",
  • is_valid: true,
  • country_calling_code: "1",
  • line_type: "NonFixedVOIP",
  • carrier: "Trestle Telco",
  • is_prepaid: false,
  • is_commercial: true,
  • : [1 item]

Best Reverse Phone API


Powerful Identification

Provides the full registered name(s) behind the number.

Current Address Information

Shows the current address corroborated from 30+ years of address history and details on residence type, deliverability, and more.

Owner Demographics

Includes age range and gender of registered phone owners.

Advanced Phone Attributes

Includes line type, carrier, prepaid status, commercial flag, and more.

Alternate Numbers

Find additional phone numbers for subscriber(s), including mobile numbers and landlines.

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Trestle’s Reverse Phone API provides several benefits that can be valuable in various scenarios. Here are some of the key advantages of our reverse phone lookup API:

Identity Verification

Reverse Phone API allows you to verify the caller’s identity or sign up on your web application, ensuring you are working with legit identities and can confirm who they say they are. 

Caller Identification

Reverse Phone API allows you to identify the caller’s information, such as the name, current address, and other details associated with a phone number. This can be particularly useful when you receive calls from unknown numbers or when verifying the identity of callers.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Reverse Phone API can improve customer experiences by providing real-time information about callers. This is especially valuable in call centers or customer support departments where agents can quickly access customer details and provide personalized assistance. It allows for faster and more efficient customer service interactions.

Lead Prioritization

Reverse Phone API can be utilized in lead prioritization efforts. By obtaining demographic and contact information associated with phone numbers, businesses can build more comprehensive customer profiles, target specific demographics, and create more personalized marketing campaigns.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Reverse Phone API can help improve operational efficiency by minimizing call center handling time, reducing data entry errors, and effectively capturing consistent customer data.

Integration and Automation

Reverse Phone API can easily be integrated into existing systems. This enables developers to automate processes that require phone number lookups, eliminating manual searches or data entry.

Investigation and Research
Reverse Phone API can be valuable in investigations or research, providing additional information about individuals or organizations associated with a specific phone number. Law enforcement agencies, government, private investigators, or researchers can benefit from this capability when conducting background checks or gathering information.

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