SaaS Provider Leveraging Real Contact API Lead Grading for Prioritized Outreach


A SaaS provider wanted to run an outbound campaign from leads that had not converted in the last year. Trestle’s Real Contact API allowed the customer to prioritize the best leads based on the contact information and optimize the time spent on these leads and maximize their conversions.

The Challenge

The customer is a SaaS solution provider for small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) for sales automation solutions. For one of its outbound campaigns, the VP of Sales wanted to target the leads that had not converted in the last year. However, given the sheer volume of these leads, which was in the thousands, she wanted a way to be able to prioritize the leads that had the best chance of converting.

The Solution

The customer was already familiar with Trestle and Real Contact API. The simple A-E grading based on the phone contact information resonated with the team since it was an easy way to prioritize the best leads. This customer decided to run all its leads through Real Contact API and created a simple algorithm:

  • Any Grade-A leads will be prioritized for calling. 
  • Any Grade-E leads will be removed and filtered out. 
  • Any Grade-B, C, or D leads will be sent for a marketing drip campaign to assess if there is any engagement.

The Impact

The results were instant. There was a 3x higher live answer rate in comparison to generic call patterns with increased sales team morale because they were getting more live engagement. In addition, the customer also understood the value of Real Contact API in helping prevent reputational damage from dialing bad leads, which can result in carriers marking the numbers as spam.

About Trestle

Trestle provides industry-leading phone data APIs to improve lead management and call operations for businesses. Trestle’s product suite is powered by a cutting-edge identity data graph built on top of modern, scalable technology and machine learning capabilities that have yielded the best-in-class coverage and accuracy. This, along with a network built on top of 300MM+ queries every month, enables Trestle to serve with a differentiated product suite that businesses rely on for various use cases, including caller identification, call routing, lead assessment, and prioritization.