Know the name behind the call with Smart CNAM API.

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Smart CNAM API uses modern technology to validate a phone number and provide the name of the person or business to which it belongs. We provide best-in-class data accuracy and coverage for optimal caller identification.

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  • is_valid: true,
  • phone_number: "+12069735100",
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Problems Customers Face with Traditional CNAM

Limited Coverage

After filtering out low-quality placeholder data like “wireless caller”, coverage is around 50%. This limitation can result in unidentified callers or missing caller information.

Character Limit

The 15-character string makes parsing difficult and provides minimal value for businesses and end consumers.

Outdated Information

The legacy CNAM product is outdated, leading to slow response times and stagnant innovation.


Parsed Name Details

Receive first, middle and last names associated with the caller.

Person vs. Business Classification

Know if you are interacting with a person or business.

Validity Check

Determine whether a number is valid (i.e., assigned to a carrier).

Normalized Phone Parsing

Convert the number string into properly formatted phone numbers.


Trestle’s Smart CNAM API offers several benefits. Here are some key advantages of using our CNAM lookup:

  • Improved Accuracy and Coverage

    Trestle’s Smart CNAM API provides unparalleled name accuracy and coverage compared to traditional CNAM, which is typically outdated information and muddled with filler.

  • Caller Identification

    Smart CNAM API allows businesses to identify the name of the person or business associated with an incoming phone call. This information can help agents more efficiently handle calls and deliver an optimal customer experience.

  • Confirm Compliance

    Smart CNAM API allows businesses to confirm the phone still belongs to the person they intend to reach and that it has not changed hands or been reassigned. This ensures compliance with outbound dialers and text messaging right party contact requirements.

  • Enhanced Security

    Smart CNAM API can be useful for detecting potential fraudulent calls. By displaying the caller's name, users can identify suspicious callers and protect themselves.

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