Trestle Copilot

Validate and verify leads using the familiar Chat GPT interface for manual reviews and return lead assessments.

Use Cases


Comprehensive and Accurate Verification

Powered by Trestle’s authoritative identity database, it provides an accurate view of the identity associated with the lead and account sign-up.

Phone, Email, and Address Checks

Graded assessment with explainability on whether the lead should be prioritized and contacted

Human Accessible Interface

Web interface that allows everyone from the operational team to the analytics team to access verification capabilities without technical help

GPT Powered

Chat GPT powered Copilot that brings in the best of machine intelligence powered by the latest AI technology


Trestle Copilot provides several benefits to validate and verify leads for manual reviews and leads assessments. 

Comprehensive Identity Verification

Trestle Copilot provides a comprehensive lead assessment using phone, email, and address data, ensuring an accurate analysis that provides confidence in prioritizing or returning the lead.

Intuitive Interface to Simplify the Verification Process

GenAI capabilities enhance the user experience for verification and empower and accelerate the efforts of operational teams.

Human + AI Intelligence

The combination of human intelligence with cutting-edge AI technology provides businesses with state-of-the-art verification capabilities.

Accelerating Returned Lead Processing

Operational teams can use the verification assessment to accelerate the processing of returned leads or to dispute them with necessary proof points about the lead being real or fake/fraudulent.




Phone-Name Linkages

GPT 4.0

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Trestle Copilot available upon request