Trestle’s 2022 Recap

Over the past year, we at Trestle have worked tirelessly to make sure our products are at the highest standard in the identity data space. We are extremely passionate about what we do and what we have created, so when we look back on what has been accomplished in 2022, we are encouraged and excited about the future of Trestle. 

What we have accomplished:

    • Launched and grew the business to over 50+ customers. 
    • Delivered on a suite of identity products and also enabled channels like Twilio and ActiveProspect for customers to leverage the identity data within the platforms for their choice.
    • Data accuracy improvements (such as this one) to be the leader in coverage and accuracy in the market. 
    • Established a long list of customer requests, which will keep us focused in the coming quarters.

What you should expect in 2023:

    • Relentless focus on enterprise-class delivery/speed, support and experience built on top of our modern identity platform.
    • Investments in improved data coverage, accuracy, and premium attributes. This is a journey, and we are not going to take our foot off the gas. Even before the year ends, our customers will see a step change in our Canada data improvements. All of this is possible through a robust and scalable data ingestion pipeline that we invested in heavily through 2022.     
    • Iteration on new products. We have a lot of ideas here, from integrating our data through additional CPaaS, lead, and identity management platforms so that customers minimize integration efforts and maximize the value of the data.

How you can help:

    • Data coverage and accuracy feedback. Your feedback helps us identify issues that we keep iterating on. As one of the Trestle’s values, it is about being 1% better everyday.
    • Premium attributes of interest, such as demographic and psychographic data that help with lead prioritization and help businesses pitch the right product portfolio to their customers.

Thank you for trusting us. – We’ll see you in 2023!