Trestle’s Data Quality Tracker: June 2024

Each month, Trestle publishes insights and visualizations of some of our most popular data attributes. This Data Quality Tracker blog contextualizes how your leads perform against the rest of the industry. Please note: All data presented in this blog is aggregated and is not from an individual customer.

Phone Activity Score

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of the activity score distribution observed by Trestle across all our customers. We’ve categorized the data into three distinct categories:

  • The percentage of phones we see with activity scores of 71 and above. This is where we see consistent activity with the phone through our networks.
  • The percentage of phones we see with activity scores between 31 and 70. This is where we see slightly inconsistent activity with the phone through our networks. 
  • The percentage of phones we see with activity scores of 30 or below. This is where we see low to no activity associated with the phone through our networks. 

This knowledge-base article can provide a quick primer on interpreting the activity score. 

June 2024

A couple of interesting observations:

This month, the number of queries with phone numbers in the 71-100 range rose ~5% over May. This shows that a higher volume of phones queried for Trestle’s Activity Score were connected and reachable phone numbers. It’s always great to see the lead quality improve, but let’s see if this is a blip or a trend.

Again, this month, less than 10% of the phone numbers had an activity score of less than 30. Phone numbers in this range are considered low quality and will likely be disconnected, or the call will not be answered. These are the best phone numbers to filter leads from a list.

Phone Line Type

When evaluating phone validity and line type, it’s crucial to understand more about the number than just landline or mobile. Since VoIP was introduced, the nature of communications and how businesses and consumers use these numbers have changed. The chart below provides insights into the line-type distribution Trestle saw in June across our customers. This distribution represents the phone line type seen by Trestle for the numbers queried by businesses on lead forms or account sign-ups.

June 2024

A couple of interesting observations: 

Mobile phones continue to be the dominant category in the phone numbers we monitor. In fact, between May and June, we saw every other major category of line type decrease, while mobile phones have shown a consistent increase in share. While we cannot definitively link this trend to the rise in Activity Score, the fact is that mobile numbers are generally more active than other line types.

Landlines experienced the most significant decline, dropping from approximately 21% last month, while fixed and non-fixed VoIP saw a decrease of about 2%.

Top 3 U.S. Carrier Distribution

Phone Carrier Distribution provides context into the market’s state and insights into how your lead list compares to the rest of the industry. Essentially, the majority of your sign-ups are from these carriers. In the coming months, we will further analyze our carrier data and publish more insights that can compare lead quality against the typical benchmarks we observe.

June 2024

A couple of interesting observations: 

The top three carriers’ numbers are a big jump over last month. Last month, the top three carriers represented approximately 45% of the queries that Trestle processed. This month, they represent ~61% of the queries.

T-Mobile had nearly a 6% jump month over month, while Verizon and AT&T saw about a 5% increase. Again, we’ll see if this pattern persists or if this is a temporary blip.

What can businesses do about bad leads? 

Services like Trestle’s Phone Validation API or Real Contact API can help verify leads, filter out disconnected phones, and ensure you are prioritizing the highest quality leads that are the most contactable. 

When your leads are sourced from various channels, use this data to work with them and point these issues at the front end rather than dealing with returned leads. Take leads that pass through the verification. The cost savings alone, both operationally and from receiving only higher-quality leads, could be multiple times more than the cost of these verification services. On top of that, get your best leads to your best salespeople, where these lead indicators point to the best quality. Prioritize them. Focusing your efforts will improve your conversions with a higher ROI. 

What do you think? Do these numbers match what you’ve seen for your business? Can we further optimize lead quality and reduce COGS? Furthermore, can we help you avoid fake, bot, or fraudulent leads? 

Let’s get your best salespeople working on the highest-quality leads. You can set up a meeting, email us at, or check out our Phone Validation demo.