Trestle’s Q1 2024 Product Development Recap

Reflecting on the first quarter of 2024, we’re proud to share the updates we’ve made at Trestle with our product suite, enterprise availability, scalability, and more. 

Enterprise Availability

Again, we proudly delivered 100% uptime in Q1, serving over 300MM queries monthly. We never take this scale and availability for granted, and this happens only by continuously taking on improvements and keeping the tech debt to a minimum. All those improvements to our infrastructure, monitoring, and observability scale to serve our enterprise customers. The journey here continues quarter over quarter and never ends as we strive to earn and keep the trust of our customers. 

Email Availability in Enrichment APIs

We launched email address availability for our Enrichment APIs. This addition helps businesses with matching/identity resolution with their CRM records for verification purposes. 

Real Contact 1.1 with Email and Address Checks

Continuing our commitment to iterate on our lead verification product suite, we launched Real Contact 1.1 with email and address checks. This upgraded version provides additional, comprehensive insights into leads so businesses can appropriately filter out or prioritize them and maximize engagement and conversions. 

HubSpot Integration Update

Another theme we have focused on is making our products available on additional channels where the business workflows operate. We rolled out updates to our HubSpot Real Contact integration, available on the HubSpot App Marketplace. This integration allows businesses to verify leads within HubSpot’s CRM platform with features such as phone and email name match, Phone Activity Score, phone and email contact grades, and more.

Accuracy and Coverage Improvements

This is a theme for us every quarter. Underpinning our ethos of being 1% better every day, we made quite a few improvements to our algorithms. We worked with our data partners to enhance the accuracy and coverage of our data, specifically around our activity score and the iterations around email validations. These incremental advancements help us deliver our promise of best-in-class identity verification solutions. 

Behind the Scenes: Data Build Process

One final note: A lot of work goes on behind the scenes around our infrastructure, especially for the data scale we operate on. One of the most significant achievements in that regard has been updating the build process that we do monthly to ingest the data from our various data partners. This has been three quarters in the making, but many of these things came together in Q1 to reduce the build times by about 20%. These optimizations drive efficiency, lower costs, and help expedite data delivery to our customers.

This upcoming quarter, we will focus on iterating on the additional email checks and Real Contact API 1.1 as part of our process to ensure we’re providing a best-in-class product. Additionally, we are changing our billing and account management process, which should streamline our invoicing, payments, and overall self-service capabilities. Stay tuned for more updates and advancements, and if you have any feedback or questions about the releases above, please don’t hesitate to contact us