Trestle’s Q3 2023 Product Development Recap

As we round the corner into Q4, it’s time to take a look back at all the exciting developments that happened at Trestle in Q3. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve accomplished.

Enterprise Availability

We covered this last quarter, and once again, we are proud to have delivered 100% uptime this quarter as well, with an average of 300MM queries served monthly. This kind of scale and availability is never taken for granted, and our focus is to continue improving our infrastructure, automate processes continuously, and enhance our resiliency.

Introducing the New Developer Portal

We’re excited to introduce our new Developer Portal, a one-stop hub for all things related to our APIs. Previously, we used a third party API management platform, but as we are scaling, we needed a customized portal to meet our enterprise customer needs. This portal will serve us well going forward to add more testing, analytics, and other enterprise support capabilities. Existing customers will be migrated to this new portal over Q4, so more information about the migration will be coming soon.

Part of these investments was our on-going effort to optimize the developer experience. In that regard, we have upgraded our API Documentation with a cleaner user experience. One big addition added is the “Try It” option. This allows developers to plug in their API key and the rest of the parameters to immediately test any of our APIs before even integrating them for testing purposes. The additional code samples should further accelerate the integration of Trestle’s APIs within customers’ applications.

Postal Code Hint Feature

Data accuracy is what differentiates us from other competitors. In Q1, we launched the Name Hint feature to improve the accuracy of the data we return. Following that trajectory, we recently added the Postal Code Hint feature. Now customers can provide the postal code, if available, associated with the lead so that we can prioritize the address data associated with the phone subscriber. We have found this to be especially helpful in scenarios where customers want to reduce form field requirements to improve conversion rates. 

HubSpot and Zapier Integrations

Ease of integration is another on-going focus for us. We have now integrated our APIs in HubSpot and Zapier. HubSpot is one of the leading CRM and marketing automation platforms, and our Real Contact app helps verify incoming leads and prioritize the ones with the best contactability. Zapier is a no-code platform for automation, and integrating our APIs allows our data to be leveraged in thousands of tools. More information about our integrations can be found here.

Demographic Data

To date, Trestle provided age and gender demographic data. This quarter, though, we also started to provide income level data. More information about our demographic data, why we are focusing on these three attributes, and where we have seen customers benefit from them can be found here.


Previously, Trestle only supported sending API keys as a query parameter. From a security standpoint, this is not the best practice, given the key can leak easily through normal web operations. Trestle now supports the ability to pass the API key via the Header. For a while, we will allow both options (API key via query parameter and the Header), but expect to phase out the query parameter option as part of following the security best practices for integrating the APIs. 

Knowledge Base Articles

Lastly, with our continued focus on enterprise scale and support, we also launched our Knowledge Base. This level of information about Trestle’s products and integrations hopefully benefits both prospects and customers to make informed decisions as they evaluate Trestle’s capabilities. 

Q3 was a good quarter for us. But as we have said before, we continue on the 1% improvement journey every day. Q4 focus would be the customizations in the Developer Portal, improving our address coverage and Phone Activity Score, and building out further third party integrations. This allows customers to leverage our identity data solutions within the platform of their choice. 

If you have any feedback or have any questions about the releases above, please don’t hesitate to contact us