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Caller Identification API

Caller Identification API provides an incoming caller’s identity, including phone metadata (carrier, line type, prepaid status, etc.), name, demographics, and current address. Typical use cases include caller tracking, identification, and call routing.

Unlock powerful use cases:

Caller Identification

Get details associated with a phone number to build an agent screen pop, generate post-call analytics, or support call-tracking and attribution models.

Call Routing and Prioritization

Route known and unknown calls to the right agent or sales team member in real-time based on the phone metadata or caller’s demographic and location details.


Validity Checks

Shows whether a number is valid, assigned to a carrier, and is in-service.

Line Type

Provides seven unique line types including: mobile, fixed and non-fixed VoIP, landline, premium, toll-free and voicemail service.

Prepaid Status

Indicates whether a mobile number is part of a prepaid plan.


Identifies all US-based carriers including MVNOs.

Current Addresses

See the current address of your contact.

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